Questions marked with an * are required Exit Survey
The purpose of this workshop is to prepare you to use Arduino with your students for your ISS experiment. This pre survey will tell us what you already know about the workshop topics. A post survey will show how much you learned. We will use the pre/post change as an indicator of the success of the workshop in increasing your skill, knowledge, and confidence. Your responses are completely confidential so you can be honest. We ask for your name for tracking purposes only. Thank you.
* Name:
* 1. What is Arduino?
* 2. What can you do with Arduino?
* 3. How will you use Arduino with your students?
* 4. Write code in Arduino to blink an LED on pin 9 that uses variables.
* 5. What prior experience do you have with programming languages?
* 6. What prior experience do you have with electronics?
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